Homeopathy is a 200 year-old complete medical system that rivals conventional medicine in the treatment and resolution of both acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy can help those for whom conventional medicine has no treatment, and those for whom conventional medicine has failed.

Since 2008 Millbrae Homeopathy has provided complementary health to people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. I am schooled in the advanced classical homeopathic principles of the watery dose. Research into substances and therapies that support the gentle healing of Homeopathy are within my scope of treatment. I am mainly interested in exploring the deeper causations of disease, and a broader understanding of the mental and emotional dynamics of illness. My specialties include the treatment of complex conditions and advanced pathologies.

Gail Wilson, CCH

My Mission
To promote homeopathy, the most comprehensive and personalized system of medicine based on natural principles of cure, which provides the most rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health in the shortest, surest, and least harmful way. I will accomplish this through my knowledge of disease, my knowledge of the medicinal powers of homeopathic medicines, and the proper selection of remedies.


  • To restore each person to their highest level of attainable health and to guide them to protect and preserve it.
  • To educate, treat disease, re-establish, and maintain a state of good health.
  • To instill an understanding of the underlying causes of illness; the dangers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs; and the pitfalls of surgery.
  • To transform and broaden awareness in the lives of those seeking homeopathic treatment.
  • To teach the most useful and fundamental techniques for curing minor ailments at home.