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I discovered homeopathy at a time when family members were struggling with serious health issues and their doctors were unable to help them. It was the beginning of a decades long investigation into various alternatives to conventional medicine. I learned many good things about various complementary practices, such as Herbal therapy and Acupuncture. But the breadth, depth, and many successes of Homeopathy in treating all manner of diseases and conditions throughout its more than 200-year history is what intrigued, impressed and captivated my attention as the most powerful modality for the restoration and maintenance of health.

I am a fully qualified classical homeopath with the largest and only nationally accredited organization in North America—the Council for Homeopathic Certification (CHC). The CHC certifies homeopathic practitioners through its rigorous screening and examination process. Only those who meet the highest standards of education, ethics, and professionalism are awarded the title of CCH.

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